Detection of refined salt

Detection of refined salt

Detection of refined salt

Today we are dealing with all kinds of salt packages in the market, but if we can not understand the quality of salt, the impurities in some salts can also threaten our health. Poor and non-standard salts not only have impurities but also the amount of Their iodine will not be controllable. When buying, you should pay attention to the license of the Ministry of Health on the packaging, although according to Mr. Mohammad Alavifard, a member of the Association of Refined Salt Producers, in a conversation with ISNA, about 35% of the salt in the market is packaged. Their products are very beautiful and elegant, but they are non-standard and it is very worrying. In the following article, we will teach you a method for detecting refined salt.

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Detection of refined salt

What does salt purification mean?

From thousands of years ago to about 10 years ago, people used sea salt for food, but for about 10 years, salt refining work has been formed in Iran. Several factories have started working on salt refining work in Iran and in several stages of separation work. Marine salt impurities such as sodium, heavy metals, and un killed germs and some bacteria left at the bottom of the lakes and by adding iodine were able to prevent people from getting various diseases. Be with us by detecting refined salt.

What salt should we consume?

When buying salt, pay attention to the standard mark on the package. Although about 60% of the refined salts have the required standard, but 35% of them are non-standard. Receiving high levels of iodine can cause fatal damage to humans. It is also pointed out that some of the refined salts available in the market are combined with percussion salts. Excessive consumption of salt of any kind can endanger a person’s health. According to Alavi, a person usually consumes salt. There should be 375 thousand tons in the country, which has reached 900 thousand tons, and this is a warning

How to detect refined salt?

One of the methods for detecting refined salt is the presence of a health license mark and the address of the salt producer, but it is still possible to obtain this mark, but by following the address on the package, you can be sure that there is an address. Of course, it is not very accurate and safe, but mix a glass of water with some of the salt used, and if you see any impurities on the water, know that salt is non-standard.

Are salts used only for food?

Salts are just as harmful as they are good. If not taken in enough amounts in the body, they can disrupt several parts of the body and organs, but salts are not just for eating and tasting food. They use refined salts and sea salts, such as
• Salt for detergents such as shampoo, soap, dishwashing liquid and …
• Fabric color
• Glass factories
• Production of PVC pipes
• Packaging of medical products
• Food industry
• Agriculture
• Road icy
• Chemical applications

What is natural salt?

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