Consumption of salt in society

Consumption of salt in society

Consumption of salt in society

In a report from the Journalists’ Club: Zahra Abdollahi, Director General of Nutrition, in a ceremony held on the occasion of blood pressure control and national mobilization, said that the most important cause of death in people with cardiovascular disease is high blood pressure. The main cause of death is known in people 15 to 59
Dr. Ali Akbar Sayari says: The main cause of high blood pressure among 10 million people in the community is over-consumption of salt and about 86,500 people die each year due to high blood pressure. Salt is considered to increase dialysis patients and myocardial infarction, and it is stated that more than 50% of salt enters the body through bread, cheese and fast foods, while 47% of people refer to ready-made foods such as fast foods. They eat unhealthy food and to reduce salt consumption, it is better to use more fruits and vegetables that are free of salt.

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Consumption of salt in society

Following the study, according to Dr. Sayari’s recommendation, the amount of salt consumption for people under 50 and over 50 years old and even cardiovascular patients should be 3 grams per day, while the daily salt consumption among the people of our country is 10 to 12 grams. This is the reason for high blood pressure and heart attacks and strokes or kidney failure. By reducing salt intake from 10 to 6 grams per day, the rate of heart attacks can be increased to 24% and 18% of strokes. Brought down and reduced the death toll from excessive salt consumption to 2.5 million

How to remove salt from the tablecloths?

By modifying the consumption of salt in bread preparation, the consumption of salt can be reduced by up to 50%, because bread is one of the most important foods that we consume in a certain amount per day, and the director general of the Education and Research Office of the Ministry of Health stated: There are more casualties, but people are unaware that salt is equal to heroin. In 310 grams of bread, there is about 5 grams of salt.

How much salt should we eat daily?

Some people are unaware of the side effects of salt and eat any food well. They think that white salt that is packaged in different packages is edible salt and they enjoy eating it by salting the food well, but they do not know. Salt means sodium chloride, which is present in about 60% of foods such as processed meats such as tuna and bread, and edible agricultural items. Many foods and ready-to-eat foods such as fast foods and Snacks are high in salt and should be consumed in moderation of 5 grams of salt during the day, which is equivalent to half a teaspoon.

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