Comparison of sea salt with refined salt

Comparison of sea salt with refined salt

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Comparison of sea salt with refined salt

Sea salt, in contrast to refined salt, has changes in their taste, color and taste, and also differ in terms of properties, because refined salt is lost in the refining process of many of its minerals. Sea salt is a larger grain. It is eaten and ground less, so it is tastier when used in food. In fact, salt is one of the main condiments in food and is the best spice used in flavoring food. There are different types of salts, such as Celtic salt, Kosher salt, etc., each of which is different in terms of properties, taste and shape.

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What is sea salt?

Sea salt, which is the result of evaporation of sea water, is used in various industries today. One of its most used applications is in the food, medicine, beauty and skin treatment industries. The healthiest of them is white and clear rock salt. Sea salt has been used since ancient times as a treatment for chronic pain and skin injuries, because sea salt is obtained in a completely natural way and retains all its properties and minerals. Today, professional chefs around the world use sea salt to flavor their meat and dishes because they make the taste of food extremely delicious. The crystal texture of sea salt will dissolve easily when added to food. This product is used not only in food but also in salads such as broccoli salad, tartar sauce and chicken salad.

What is refined salt?

Purification salt that removes all its impurities such as heavy metals, sand and lime in several stages during the purification process. In this process, along with impurities, many of its useful minerals are also destroyed. Today, the use of iodized salt. It is recommended for food by doctors because iodine is added to them and iodine is very necessary to prevent goiter, better thyroid function, etc. To maintain the properties of salt and iodine in it, kitchen salt should be refined in a remote environment. Keep out of the sun and in a closed container

The difference between sea salt and refined salt

Compared to these two types of salts, it can be concluded that they do not differ much in their effect on the body. The only difference between these two minerals and the amount of sodium chloride is that when we hear the name of sea salt, we always think about their healing properties. The healing properties of sea salt are high blood pressure control, but in terms of consumption in the kitchen are no different from each other. Tastes are used that excessive in both can endanger the health of the body.

What is the  lake?


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