Cause of whitening nails

Cause of whitening nails

Cause of whitening nails

White spots on the nails can occur at any age, which occurs in the form of white pigments on the nails, sometimes large and sometimes smaller spots that scatter the surface of the nail or several nails to these spots. It is said that although it is a damage to the nails, it may lead to infection and affect the surface of the nail. It affects the beauty of the nails. Exposure of the nails to factors such as hitting the nails or doing pedicures and manicures in hairdressing salons and the use of various varnishes or gels or things that are used to beautify the nails, such as punches and French, all of these factors Damage to the nails Sea salt is one of the best treatments for dry skin and nail wear, so if you are worried about the whitening of your nails, try sea salt  .

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Cause of whitening nails

Doing pedicures and manicures in beauty salons with different types of materials such as nail polish removers, polishes, firming materials, etc. with unnatural methods that cause damage to the nails, including nail infections, and the formation of wounds and accumulation. Fungi cause the nails to flake off first and then become dry and brittle. Another reason for nail whitening is the lack of minerals in the body. If you see the spread of the stain on the surface, you can instead of spending money. Use the many ways and wastes your precious time in a natural way that we will introduce to you in the following.

Properties of sea salt

Sea salt, which is the result of evaporation of seawater, contains numerous minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and sodium, each of which play an essential role for the body. Sea salt is used to relieve chronic pain caused by joint inflammation and to treat damaged skin, eliminate bad breath and treat infections. The human body needs similar substances from sea salt that any of the minerals in sea salt can cause. Prevent diseases of the body One of the properties of sodium in sea salt is to maintain the balance between the brain and the body and also has the power to regenerate damaged skin. Natural salt, due to its numerous salts, has a darker color than refined salt. Today, it reduces many diseases and is used to treat muscle cramps.

Treat white spots on nails with sea salt

Nowadays, for better results and enjoying the benefits of sea salt, you can get beautiful and shiny nails by doing pedicures and manicures with natural salt. To do this, you can use pedicure and manicure cocktails or another method of sea salt itself. Pour a bowl of warm water and dissolve half a cup of sea salt in it and put your hands or feet in the solution for 12 to 15 minutes, after which you will rinse and dry them and you will see that the nails are well softened and whitened. Cut the extra skin around the nails with a thin and sharp scissors and shape the nails in any way you want. Sea salt softens the stratum corneum and the skin and makes it easier to condition. To prevent yellowing, you can also Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda to the ingredients.

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