Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is located in northern Europe. Botany Bay is located in the northern corner, the Gulf of Finland is located in the northeast corner and Riga Bay is located in the east corner. The sea is equivalent to 1600 km wide, with an average width of 193 km with an average depth of 55 meters.
The Baltic Sea was considered an important sea for the region in modern times, ie in the twentieth century. Ria was the communication route between the Soviet Union and the open waters of the world during the Cold War.

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The sea is connected to many countries such as Denmark and Poland. In the spring, when many tourists from all over the world travel to this country to see the attractions of the Baltic Sea, the presence of calm and sometimes stormy waters makes this region more attractive. Sea wonders happen in winter and spring that tourists are aware of

Strange object in the depths of the Baltic Sea

In 2011, two treasure hunters were searching the bottom of the Baltic Sea. They searched the seabed to find hidden treasure, but to find treasure from sunken ships, not money and gold, they were looking for drinks that many buyers In the country, bottles of alcoholic beverages were sold at a high price due to their antiquity and were buried at the bottom of the sea. And called the Thames, searching for their own treasure 90 meters deep in the sea.

Creatures of the Baltic Sea

Rare animals live in this sea, which is not new news because due to the lack of access to the depths of many seas and oceans, many sea creatures are still unknown. The search for these animals and new news has always been the dream of researchers. The species of animals in this region are called white port porpoise, which is a group of mammals. This rare animal has been seen in the coastal area of ​​Denmark and the Baltic Sea, and as soon as it was observed, it was identified as a rare animal. The last time they were seen being very close to the boats and playing with them, while normal behavior could not be expected from them because they do not like to get close to the boats.

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