Australia Air Salt Lake

Australia Air Salt Lake

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Australia Air Salt Lake

Rainbow Lake is the name given to Australia’s Salt Lake during the rainy days of the year. The beauty of this lake is that Salt Air Lake is one of the most water-rich lakes in Australia during the rainy seasons. This lake, which is lower than other Australian lakes, has been completely irrigated only three times in the last 160 years.

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The first discoverer of Lake Air

The lake was discovered in 1840 by a shepherd named Edward John Eyre. He discovered that the water of the lake was salty and that it was located 500 meters below sea level, which is actually the lowest point on the Australian continent, and the lake was registered in his name. Lake Eyre is located in South Australia and has no outlet

What causes Lake Air to change color?

One of the beauties of Lake Air is its color change during dehydration. As the rainfall decreases, the concentration of water in the lake increases. They cover the water like a rainbow, but with the same lack of water, Lake Air has gained a large area equivalent to 10 km in recent years. It attracts a lot of photographers and it is not clear how long these attractions can attract attention due to the water shortage of the earth’s surface.

What rainbow sea attractions

Australia’s salt lake comes in blue, pink, yellow and orange, which is normally dry but is amazingly flooded every 3 to 10 years and is one of the most beautiful attractions of the lake as life returns to the lake. Its color becomes more attractive from blue to orange or pink. At the bottom of the lake, a large layer of salt has formed, which increases with the concentration of water as the water evaporates and its concentration increases. One of the most interesting attractions is the salt deserts around the lake. It will attract hundreds of tourist scientists and photographers to the region

When the lake is dehydrated, it turns into a salt desert. Due to this phenomenon, no creatures such as plants and animals are able to survive in the lake, but recently experts have discovered that creatures in the salt air lake of Australia at the time of ascent Concentrations of living water, the only example of which can be seen on Mars, fill the lake and its arid surroundings with water during the rainy seasons, making it Australia’s largest flooded lake. At this time, storms cause floods and The lake expands There are no towns or villages near the lake, except for a village with a population of 8 people living nearby and near Australia’s largest cattle farm.

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