all Salt Lakes in world

satl lakes in world

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all Salt Lakes in world

So far, many lakes in the world are known to have salt water and salt. The high concentration of salinity and their mineral content have made them known as salt lakes. In this article, we try to name 5 of the best And let’s look at the rarest salt lakes in the world.   .  get information about 5 salt lake in world who you should know

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Urmia Salt Lake

Lake Urmia is the sixth saltwater lake in the world and the largest lake in the Middle East, located in northwestern Iran. This lake has 102 islands and in recent years due to drought and unauthorized withdrawals from the rivers of neighboring rivers up to 90% Decreased in hot seasons, the evaporation is so great that with increasing salinity, no fish can survive, while it has become a suitable place for crustaceans such as Artemia, which is a rich source of food for the birds of the region. Are .

Qinghai Salt Lake

Qinghai Lake is located in the northeast of the Tibetan Plateau in China, which is actually the largest mountain lake in Central Asia. Mountain lake means the sinking of Mount Chilian at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level. Qinghai Lake is a busy environment. For tourists, this lake is considered as a tourist area for Chinese people and all over the world in summer with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius due to its high altitude. The region has azure waters, which is why it is called Lake Kokonur, which means blue sea.

Lake Air

Another one of the largest salt lakes in the world is Air. This lake, which is the 18th largest saltwater lake in the world, is located in one of the deserts of Australia. The water of the lake is supplied by seasonal rains. In the rainy seasons, the lake fills with water and dries in the hot seasons, ie it is dry for 6 months of the year. All fish and animals are destroyed and its water is used by people to treat skin diseases and relieve chronic pain.

Lake Van Turkey

Lake Van is the second largest saltwater lake in the Middle East. It is located in Turkey, near Iran and Turkey, and covers a large area of ​​3,755 km. It has three islands that attract a large number of tourists each year. It also collects and its saline water is suitable for the treatment of damaged skin and other diseases. The beautiful and unique mountains and shores of the lake have created a suitable place for recreation and tourists. The water of this lake is alkaline. Rare fish in it. They are able to live but not suitable for agriculture.

Djibouti Honey Lake

Lake Djibouti is one of the largest salt lakes in the world. It is one of the second largest saltwater lakes in the world. It is located in Africa and in the region of Ethiopia in 2000 because it is a huge source of salt. According to the National Environmental Plan, the farms designated it as a protected area, but the resulting salts could not be controlled by smuggling.

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