About West Azerbaijan

About West Azerbaijan

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About West Azerbaijan

West Azerbaijan is one of the provinces of Iran with the center of Urmia. This province is in the neighborhood of Turkey, which borders this city. The two provinces of East and West Azerbaijan were separated in 1316 and was selected as the fourth province of the country and in 1344 was known as West Azerbaijan. According to the statistics, this province has 17 cities, 40 districts and 113 villages with the names of Urmia, Salman, Mahabad, Oshnoyeh, Mian Doab, Shut, Shahin Dej, Mako, Bukan, Piranshahr, Naqadeh. , Poldasht, Chaldoran and Chaipareh are known. The humid climate and fertile lands of the province provide suitable conditions for farmers and ranchers. Most of the livestock farming is done by tribes and nomadic people. Another activity of the people of West Azerbaijan province is production. Honey and beekeeping . how you can get Urmia lake salt ? follow Urmiana company and visit contact us page

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

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Although two industrial groups in the production of non-metallic industries such as food and medicine have created the most employment in this province, but today there are numerous mines in this province that are engaged in the extraction and production of building stones such as granite, travertine, Talc, arsenic, gold, refractory clay and mineral pumice.

History of West Azerbaijan

Remains of antiquities such as hills and caves show the millennium age of this region and show that this region has been the remains of cavemen before the arrival of months. The Medes gradually conquered Azerbaijan with the word to Iran, but with the presence Numerous governments, such as the Hayq government in Asia Minor, the Assyrians in northern Mesopotamia, in the north or northwest, with the Urartu government and the Kadusians in the east, and the Kasians around the surrounding Zagros Mountains failed to expand, and Azerbaijan became a small Medes. The Medo-Persian government included not only Azerbaijan but also Kermanshah, Rey and Hamedan
• Haji Firooz Hill
• Jabbar Hill
• Azikh Cave
• Complete cave

Azerbaijan geographically

Today, Azerbaijan covers an area of ​​37,059 square kilometers in northwestern Iran. It covers 2.25% of the total area. It borders the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkey to the north, Zanjan Province to the east, Iraq and Turkey to the west, and South to the south. They are provinces of Kurdistan. All borders are covered by high mountains. In fact, this province is mountainous and has many springs and water currents. It is affected by the humid climate of the Atlantic Ocean. The high altitude of this region makes it High rainfall and low air temperature
The main dialect of the people of West Azerbaijan is Turkish and they have Shiite and Sunni religions.

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